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Veterinary Care

Large and Small Animal Veterinary Care - Dr. Daniel Butterfield


Small Animal

Dog & Cat  - Wellness and Sick Exams, Vaccinations, Surgery, Dental, Reproduction

Much More - Give us a call to see if we can help

Large Animal

Equine, Cow, Goat, Pig, Sheep, Alpaca

Deer, Bison, Elk (Farm Raised)

Wellness, Sick, Pre Purchase & Lameness Exams, Dentals, Neuter,  Wounds, Vaccines, so much more. Give us a call to see if we can help


Need us to come to you? We offer mobile appointments, in our 26' purpose built mobile clinic. We know how much it means to pets to be seen on location, however we are only able to provide this service as long as it is paid for. We require prepayment of the mobile fees at a minimum before Dr. Dan will be dispatched to your location. Please be respectful of his time. Contact our office to determine the mobile fee for your location. Of course we welcome pre-payment of all services. $3.50 Credit Card Fee applies

Have an urgent care need? We will do our best to help, give us a call to see if we are able to assist.

Scratch Pay

If you need help paying for veterinary care, we have partnered with Scratch Pay, for more information click on the photo

Dr Dan Butterfield small animal veterinary care
Dr Dan Butterfield Large Animal Veterinary Care
Evermore Services for Pets Mobile Veterinary Clinic
Veterinary Clients
Payment & Services Agreement

Our commitment to deliver the best and most comprehensive patient care available to your pet is coupled with administrative staff available to assist you with understanding our policies and facilitating payment of your veterinary services. We cannot guarantee outcomes. Payment is due based on services rendered. 

We occasionally use compounded medications when FDA approved formulations or ingredients have limited availability or become unavailable. Compounded medications have not undergone FDA testing to prove efficacy. By giving us permission to treat your pet, you've agreed and understand this and also give permission to dispense and/or prescribe compound medications to your pet.

It is our policy that payment is due in full at or near the time services are rendered and invoiced. Payment can be made with cash, check, Credit Card, Scratch Pay or Venmo.


We utilize in house prescriptions or through Vetsource. Prescriptions filled elsewhere will have a $15 processing fee.

Accounts Past Due

In the event that an account becomes past due, we charge a monthly service fee of $10 minimum or 5% of the outstanding balance for balances older than 30 days, at 45 days past due, clients will be placed on URGENT CARE SERVICES ONLY status and any elective services must be veterinarian approved and paid in advance. At 60 days past due, accounts are subject to collections and/or legal proceedings as well as discontinuation of all services from Evermore Veterinary Clinic. It is the client's responsibility to pay the outstanding balance, late fees, interest charges, attorneys' fees, and court costs associated with collections and/or legal proceedings. Returned checks incur a $45 service charge added to the outstanding balance.

We believe that effective communication of fees and payment policy is vital to maintaining good working relationships. We encourage clients to ask for estimates of costs for all veterinary services prior to or at the time of the appointment. Costs do change due to supply chain and training requirements.

This payment & service policy allows us to minimize outstanding receivables, therefore allowing us to further invest in medical equipment, technology, and training to continue to provide state-of-the art care to the community. We appreciate your cooperation.


ScratchPay offers a variety of credit options specifically for veterinary expenses. We urge clients to apply, regardless of credit score, to help ease potential financial burden. Apply at

I authorize Evermore Services for Pets to provide veterinary care to my pets. I understand that should I fail to provide valid credit card information veterinary staff may not be able to perform routine or emergency services on my pet(s) and I may be required to make alternative arrangements. I am the account holder or an authorized user of the credit card. I agree to pay all costs and fees incurred with collection of debt. I have read, understand and agree to the terms of the Evermore Veterinary Clinic payment and service agreement and this authorization form.

Credit Card Information can be provided at time of service - this field is simply made available for ease of adding information to your account.

Do you agree to your pet being photographed

We Look Forward to Caring for your Pet(s)!

Pet Information Form

If your pet will be seen for veterinary care please fill out one per pet

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