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Frequently Asked Questions

How many dogs can you walk at once?

Our nature walks are typically private walks, unless you request otherwise. Our Day Care dogs typically walk in a group with similar temperaments

I need a pets records

If you own the pet we can happily supply you with your records. If the pet is owned by someone else we are required by law to have a medical release.

Do you have experience with rare or exotic pets?

We do not care for pocket pets, snakes, reptiles or birds, if you have a question about what species we can care for, give us a call

My Dog needs a Grooming Service

We provide a Spa Day for your pet that depends on coat type and condition.

1. Hair cut/Groomer


2. Bath/Bather

1. If your pet requires a hair cut this is a groomer only service. Our master groomer has years of experience with different breeds and mixed breeds to provide the hair cut you want for your pet. Due to her vast experience she is quite popular to book services with. Please plan accordingly, especially in the summer as she can get booked out up to 8 weeks in advance. If your pet requires regular maintenance grooming it's ideal that you book out a few appointments in advance to insure we can get you in on the schedule you prefer. We may have an additional groomer that can do hair-cuts depending on the time of year.

Keep in mind while our groomers do their best to insure the best cut for your pet and to follow your requests we will not spend excess time dematting the coat which can stress out your pet. If regular upkeep is done at home we can work together towards the coat condition you are aiming for.

2. If your pet does not require any hair cut, no trimming of any hair this is called a Bath & Blow Dry Service (or B/B) this service includes nail trimming and anal gland expression, shampoo, conditioner and blow dry.

No Show - Cancellation Policy

Our time is our livelihood, and while we understand that life happens we appreciate a heads up if you are unable to make the appointment you booked. We have reserved that time for your pet. Please be respectful of our time. First time we will likely remind you of our policy, however if this becomes a habit an additional charge will be added to your account to be payable should you choose to book a future service. If we are unable to fill your time slot due to the last minute cancellation we will charge a full service. We do keep a waitlist so please try to let us know as soon as possible. Also please note that while we do try to remind you of your appointment we are a very busy service based facility so while we spend time reminding you of your appointment we are unable to care for the animals in our care... which is where we prefer to spend our time! We could pay a company to do our reminders, however we prefer to put anything extra into the care and maintenance of the animals. This policy applies to boarding reservations as well. We understand that plans change, as long as we have a heads up to cancel a reservation we will accommodate, however when we are at capacity and have to turn clients away and you cancel last minute this is loss of income to us and a client was unable to make arrangements for their pet.

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